Chocolatta Brides

Im a Singer Songwriter disguised as a Graphic Designer who has secret obsessive bridal fashion art directional disorder. Think MochaChocolattayaya Think wedding & love inspiration, scrumptuously beautiful brides of african descent, Think melanistic women first for a change ahem. Think Haute couture, originality, ancient, culture, vintage, retro, contemporary, avant, unconventional beautiful.

Curation by Honey Williams

Are you guys following the Miss World Contest? I’m not…. I stopped following that shit in the 80’s when I thought to myself why do they all look like sisters?? Why is the winner almost always white when only 10% of the worlds population is white? surely more of the contestants and winners should be browner and blacker than this?but I must say It´s so lovely to see Beauty in an exquisite shade of jet black, beauty comes in all shades. I give you Ms. South Sudan, strikingly beautiful, saccharine sweet eyes and full lips… gorgeous.